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Major Research Project in SES from Dr. Mahesh Mohan titled Mercury Pollution in the Sediments of Vembanad Wetland A chronological Approach-summary

School of Behavioural Sciences



Mustaffa, K.M., & Jibin George (2016). Inclusive Education – Thought and Practice. IPH Publication, New Delhi. ISBN: 978-93-313-2808-3.

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School of Computer Sciences

Devi Raveendran, Bindu V. R., “A Review on Cluster-Based Architecture in Wireless Sensor Networks”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology,  pp: 14664-14669, Vol. 6, Issue 7, July 2017, ISSN(Online): 2319-8753, ISSN (Print):  2347-6710.

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School of Environmental Sciences

Manoj, P. Rayaroth, Usha K. Aravind,  Charuvila T. Aravindakumar.(2017). Role of  in- situ nitrate ion formation on the sonochemical transformation of para- aminosalicylic acid. Ultrasonic- Sonochemistry 40(2018)213-220

Nihal Oturan, Charuvila T.Aravindakuma, Hugo Olvera- Vargas, Mathew M. Sunil Paul , Mehmet A. Oturan.(2017). Electro- Fenton oxidation of para- aminosalicylic acid:degradation kinetics and mineralization pathway using pt/carbon- felt and BDD/carbon – felt cells. Environ sci pollu Res. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-017-9309-6. Water from pollution to purification.

P. Krishna, Mahesh Mohan. (2017). Litter decomposition in forest ecosystems: a review. Energy. Ecol. Environ. (2017) 2(4):236-249.DOI 10.1007/s40974-017-0064-9.

Thafna K.K, Navya C.,Binish M.B., Gopikrishna V.G., Mahesh Mohan (2017). Distribution of Nutrients in the Soil of a Unique Tropical Agroecosystem. Environmental Pollution and Protection. Vol 2(2).

Mahesh Mohan, Chandini P.K., K.P Krishna, Gopikrishna V.G., Sajith Kumar K.S., Kannan V. M.(2017). Mercury Fractionation in the sediments of Kongsfjorden, an Artic Fjord, Svalbard. International Journal of Marine Science,2017, vol 7(26).260-271.

V. Ramasamy, K.K. Jayasooryan, M.S. Shylesh Chandran, Mahesh Mohan (2017). Total and methyl mercury in the water, sediment, and fishes of Vembanad, a tropical backwater system in India. Environ Monit Assess (2017) 189:130. Doi: 10.1007/s10661-017-5845-2.

R Sijimol, V.G Gopikrishna, D. Ineep, Mahesh Mohan. (2017). Perchlorate in drinking water around rocket manufacturing and testing facilities and firework manufacturing sites in Kerala, India. Energy. Ecol. Environ. DOI:10.1007/s40974-017-0055-x.

manoj P. Rayaroth, Usha K. Aravind, Charuvila T. Aravindkumar.(2017). Degradation of pharmaceuticals by ultrasound-based advanced oxidation process. Environ Chem Lett. DOI:10.1007/s10311-016-0568-0.

School of International Relations and Politics

Indian Journal Of Politics And International Relations

The School Of International Relations And Politics Is Bringing Out A Referred Biannual International Journal, Indian Journal Of Politics And International Relations (Ijpair) Since 2008. The Four Issues Of Ijpair Have Been Published And The Fourth Is Under Publication. The Board Of Advisory Editors Of The Journal Includes Scholars Of High International Eminence Like Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale University) Francis A. Boyle (University Of Illinois), Prabhat Patnaik (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Neera Chandhoke (Delhi University), Rajen Harshe (Allahabad Central University), Alexander Lautensach (University Of Northern British Columbia, Canada), Jayadeva Uyangoda (University Of Colombo), Valerian Rodrigues (Jawaharlal Nehru University), T.V.Paul (Mcgill University, Canada) Et Al.


South Asian Journal Of Diplomacy (Sajd) Is A Refereed Annual Journal Published By The K.P.S.Menon Chair For Diplomatic Studies, School Of International Relations And Politics (Sirp. Sajd  Is Committed To Publishing The Best Of Studies In Diplomacy, Foreign Policy And International Relations (Ir). It Seeks To Bring Out Topical, Scholarly Work On Significant Debates In Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Politics And Ir And On All Major Issues Affecting South Asia And Other Countries.  Board Of International Editorial Advisors Include Prof. James Petras, Bartle Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University, Usa, Prof. Mark Phythian, Department Of Politics And International Relations, University Of Leicester, Uk, Prof. Kanti Bajpai, Contemporary South Asian Studies, Oxford University, Uk, Prof. Itty Abraham, South Asia Institute, Marlene And Morton Meyerson Centennial Chair Fellow, University Of Texas, Usa, Prof. Delwar Hossain, Department Of International Relations, University Of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Prof. Moonis Ahmar, Department Of International Relations, University Of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan, Prof. Achin Vanaik, Department Of Political Science, University Of Delhi, New Delhi, India, Prof. Zheng  Yongnian, East Asian Institute, National University Of Singapore, Singapore, And Mrs. Geetha De Silva, Regional Centre For Strategic Studies (Rcss), Colombo, Sri Lanka

School of Letters


Haritham, the journal of School of Letters, started publication in 1993. Now in its Twenty first issue, Haritham has already established a reputation among peers as a serious academic journal. It addresses issues in post-colonial theory and practice,comparative literature, translation and cultural studies. It has a special interest in the literature and culture of Kerala which it intends to project on to the international scene through translations.

Publications of the faculty see individual profiles.

School of Pure and Applied Physics

  1. Structural and photoluminescence properties of UV-excited Er3+ doped Ba2CaWO6 yellowish-green phosphors E Sreeja, Subash Gopi, Cyriac Joseph, NV Unnikrishnan, PR Biju  Physica B: Condensed Matter   (2019) 2,15, 74-80
  2. Rb=ct and the eternal coasting Cosmological model Moncy V john MNRAS 00 L1 (2019)
  3. Sm3+ doped tetragonal lanthanum molybdate: A novel host sensitized reddish orange emitting nanophosphor Kukku Thomas, Dinu Alexander, S.Sisira, Linju AnnJacob, P.R.Biju, N.V.Unnikrishnan, M.A.Ittyachen, CyriacJoseph  Journal of Luminescence 211 (2019) 284–291
  4.  A novel UV-emitting poly (vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)-CQD composite  material for optoelectronic applications AIP Conference Proceedings 2082, (2019) 030001 S. AjeeshKumarS. Prasanth, and Cyriac Joseph
  5. Effect of doping concentration and annealing temperature on the luminescence of novel orange red emitting CePO4:Sm3+ nanocrystals S. Sisira, Linju Ann Jacob, Kukku Thomas, Dinu Alexander, P.R. Biju, N.V. Unnikrishnan, Cyriac Joseph Journal of Luminescence 209 (2019) 197-207
  6. Recent advances in electrospun polycaprolactone based scaffolds for wound healing and skin bioengineering applications – B Joseph, R Augustine, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas, B Seantier, Y Grohens –
    Materials Today Communications 19, 319-335
  7. Effect of synthesis process on particle size and band gap of Er3+ doped Y2SiO5 -K  Upadhyay, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal, RK Tamrakar -AIP Conference Proceedings 2104 (1), 030017
  8. Excellent electromagnetic shield derived from MWCNT reinforced NR/PP blend nanocomposites with tailored microstructural properties -T Sharika, J Abraham, SC George, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas  Composites Part B: Engineering, volume 173
  9. Green synthesis of graphene oxide/Ag nanocomposites via laser ablation in water for SERS applications -P Nancy, AK Nair, J James, N Kalarikkal -AIP Conference Proceedings 2100 (1), 020025
  10. Laser assisted synthesis of graphene quantum dots for multifunctional applications –
    J James, P Nancy, G Vignaud, Y Grohens, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal -AIP Conference Proceedings 2100 (1), 020131
  11. Physicochemical, mechanical, barrier and antibacterial properties of starch nanocomposites crosslinked with pre-oxidised sucrose -P Balakrishnan, MS Sreekala, VG Geethamma, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal, V Kokol -Industrial Crops and Products 130, 398-408
  12. Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite films based on gum arabic, maltodextrin and polyethylene glycol reinforced with turmeric nanofiber isolated from turmeric spent -S Gopi, A Amalraj, N Kalarikkal, J Zhang, S Thomas, Q Guo -Materials Science and Engineering: C 97, 723-729
  13. Effect of particle size and dopant concentration on the Raman and the photoluminescence spectra of TiO2: Eu3+ nanophosphor thin films -D Komaraiah, E Radha, J James, N Kalarikkal, J Sivakumar, MVR Reddy -Journal of Luminescence, volume 211, 320-333
  14. Structural, optical and photoluminescence studies of sol-gel synthesized pure and iron doped TiO2 photocatalysts -D Komaraiah, E Radha, N Kalarikkal, J Sivakumar, MVR Reddy –Ceramics International (org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2019.03.170)
  15. Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange using MgFe2O4@TiO2 core-shell nanoparticles –
    RP Ummer, P Gopinath, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas -AIP Conference Proceedings 2082 (1), 030028
  16. Effect of ionic liquid modified MWCNTs on the rheological and microstructural developments in Styrene Butadiene rubber nanocomposites -J Abraham, AK Zachariah, N Kalarikkal, R Wilson, R Ibarra-Gómez, S Thomas, R Muller -Rubber Chemistry and Technology (org/10.5254/rct.19.81494)
  17. Surface engineering of polystyrene–cerium oxide nanocomposite thin films for refractive index enhancement -J James, AB Unni, K Taleb, JP Chapel, N Kalarikkal, S Varghese -Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects 17, 34-42
  18. Ionic liquid modified multiwalled carbon nanotube embedded styrene butadiene rubber membranes for the selective removal of toluene from toluene/methanol mixture via pervaporation  J Abraham, T Jose, S Thomas, G Moni, SC George, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas -Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 95, 594-601
  19. Antimicrobial properties of MFe2O4 (M= Mn, Mg)/reduced graphene oxide composites synthesized via solvothermal method -J Jose, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal, OS Oluwafemi -Materials Science and Engineering: C 95, 43-48
  20. Multiferroic polymer film composites for memory application -rp ummer, N kalarikkal –
    Chemical Technology and Informatics in Chemistry with Applications, 175
  21. Development of oral‐fluid‐impervious and fracture‐resistant silver–poly (methyl methacrylate) nanoformulations for intra‐oral/extra‐oral rehabilitation -S Gopalakrishnan, N Kalarikkal, I Raj, A Mathew T, J Abraham, HJ Maria, M Mozetič, S Thomas -Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 47669
  22. Poly (ε-caprolactone) Microsphere Decorated with Nano-ZnO Based Phytoformulation: A Promising Antimicrobial Agent -S Snigdha, M Rahul, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas, EK Radhakrishnan -Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 1-11
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  24. Carbon nanotube reinforced poly (trimethylene terephthalate) nanocomposites: Viscoelastic properties and chain confinement -MK Aswathi, M Padmanabhan, N Kalarikkal, L Mathew, Sabu Thomas, P Saha, R Terzano -Polymer Engineering & Science 59 (S1), E435-E445
  25. Spectroscopic and Mass Spectrometry Analyses of Plasma-Activated Polymeric Materials –
    P Nancy, J Joy, J James, B Joseph, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal -Non-Thermal Plasma Technology for Polymeric Materials, 319-340
  26. Microscopic Analysis of Plasma-Activated Polymeric Materials -J James, B Joseph, A Shaji, P Nancy, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas, Y Grohens -Non-Thermal Plasma Technology for Polymeric Materials, 287-317
  27. Functionalized photo-responsive polymeric system -K Upadhyay, S Thomas, RK Tamrakar, N Kalarikkal -Advanced Functional Polymers for Biomedical, 211-233
  28. Processing and Characterization of Multicomponent Polymer Systems: New Insights –
    J James, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal, Y Weimin, K Pal no -Apple Academic Press (org/10.1201/9780429469794)
  29. Novel applications of multiferroic heterostructures -AR Abraham, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal –
    Chemical Technology and Informatics in Chemistry, 2019
  30. Fabrication of Micro/Nano-Miniaturized Platforms for Nanotheranostics and Regenerative Medicine Applications -G Praveen, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas -Nanomaterials Synthesis, 483-517
  31. Synthesis and Processing of Emerging Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials -YB Pottathara, Y Grohens, V Kokol, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas -Nanomaterials Synthesis, 1-2
  32. Nanoparticle-and Nanoporous-Membrane-Mediated Delivery of Therapeutics -Mabrouk, M., Rajendran, R., Soliman, I.E., Ashour, M.M., Beherei, H.H., Tohamy, K.M., Thomas, S., Kalarikkal, N., Arthanareeswaran, G. and Das, D.B., 2019. Pharmaceutics, 11(6), p.294
  33. Titanium Nanorods Loaded PCL Meshes with Enhanced Blood Vessel Formation and Cell Migration for Wound Dressing Applications -Augustine, R., Hasan, A., Patan, N.K., Augustine, A., Dalvi, Y.B., Varghese, R., Unni, R.N., Kalarikkal, N., Al Moustafa, A.E. and Thomas, S., 2019. Macromolecular bioscience, p.1900058
  34. Structure and Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles Decorated with Chitosan-Gentamicin Conjugates: ReaxFF Molecular Dynamics Simulations to disclose Drug Delivery -Monti, S., Jose, J., Athira, S., Kalarikkal, N. and Thomas, S., 2019. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
  35. Chemical modification of graphene with grape seed extract: Its structural, optical and antimicrobial properties -Yaragalla, S., Rajendran, R., AlMaadeed, M.A., Kalarikkal, N. and Thomas, S., 2019.
    Materials Science and Engineering: C, 102, pp.305-314
  36. Tuning of nonlinear absorption in highly luminescent CdSe based quantum dots with core–shell and core/multi-shell architectures -Bhagyaraj, S., Perumbilavil, S., Udayabashkar, R., Mangalaraja, R.V., Thomas, S., Kalarikkal, N. and Oluwafemi, O.S., 2019. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(21), pp.11424-11434
  37. Thermal, biodegradation and theoretical perspectives on nanoscale confinement in starch/cellulose nanocomposite modified via green crosslinker -Balakrishnan, P., Geethamma, V.G., Gopi, S., Thomas, M.G., Kunaver, M., Huskić, M., Kalarikkal, N., Volova, T., Rouxel, D. and Thomas, S., 2019. International journal of biological macromolecules, 134, pp.781-790
  38. Graphene Nanobuds: A New Second Generation Phosgene Sensor with Ultra-Low Detection Limit in Aqueous Solution -V. Ravi, P., Thangadurai, D.T., Nataraj, D., Senthilkumar, K., Manonmani, G., Kalarikkal, N., Thomas, S. and Govindh, P., 2019. ACS applied materials & interfaces
  39. Magnetic performance and defect characterization studies of core–shell architectured MgFe 2 O 4@ BaTiO 3 multiferroic nanostructures -Abraham, A.R., Raneesh, B., Joseph, S., Arif, P.M., Nambissan, P.M.G., Das, D., Rouxel, D., Oluwafemi, O.S., Thomas, S. and Kalarikkal, N., 2019. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(17), pp.8709-8720
  40. Compatibilising action of multiwalled carbon nanotubes in polycarbonate/polypropylene (PC/PP) blends: phase morphology, viscoelastic phase separation, rheology and percolation – Poothanari, M.A., Xavier, P., Bose, S., Kalarikkal, N., Komalan, C. and Thomas, S., 2019. Journal of Polymer Research, 26(8), p.178
  41. Easily fabricated Ag doped TiO2 nanorods for photo-catalytic applications AK Nair, AG Rajendragiri, S Santhosh, N Kalarikkal – AIP Conference Proceedings, 2019
  42. Development of silver nanoparticles decorated graphene quantum dots for tailored applications
    JA Mathew, AK Nair, N Kalarikkal – AIP Conference Proceedings, 2019
  43. Novel bio compactable silver nanowires and nanocubes: An effective treatment against carbapenem and vancomycin resistant strains isolated from cancer patients J Jose, AK Nair, N Kalarikkal, O Oluwafemi, S Thomas – Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 2019
  44. In Situ Decoration of Gold Nanoparticles on Graphene Oxide via Nanosecond Laser Ablation for Remarkable Chemical Sensing and Catalysis. Nancy, P., Nair, A. K., Antoine, R., Thomas, S., & Kalarikkal, N. Nanomaterials, 9(9), 1201
  45. Development of titanium dioxide nanowire incorporated poly (vinylidene fluoride–trifluoroethylene) scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications Augustine, A., Augustine, R., Hasan, A., Raghuveeran, V., Rouxel, D., Kalarikkal, N., & Thomas, S. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, August 2019, 30:96
  46. Novel core-shell dextran hybrid nanosystem for anti-viral drug delivery. Joshy, K. S., George, A., Snigdha, S., Joseph, B., Kalarikkal, N., Pothen, L. A., & Thomas, S. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 93, 864-872
  47. Natural rubber nanocomposites with MWCNT@ POSS hybrid filler: Preparation and properties. Polymer Composites. Somasekharan, L., Xavier, P., Bose, S., Zachariah, A.K., Kalarikkal, N., Anil Kumar, S. and Thomas, S.,

School of Social Sciences

  • Social Records Series (Durate Barbosa’s Accounts on Malabar and three compilations of medieval palm leaf-records).
  • Lateral Studies Series numbering fourteen mainly consisting of the occasional research papers by the faculty.
  • Making of modern Kerala
  • Sabarimala Enclave Management
  • Socio-economic Profile of the Fringe Area of Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • Socio-economic Impact of the Eco-Development Project
  • Economic Sustainability of PIR, Process Documentation Research, Neyyar/Peppara, Chinnar and Parambikkulam: Socioecological Evaluation Study of the Kerala Forestry Project)
  • Bi-Lingual Journal – Aadharam

School of Tourism Studies

1. Tourism Products of India – A National Perspective by Robinet Jacob, Mahadevan P, Sindhu Joseph

This book has been structured around various key tourism resources of India. This book explores the issues pertaining to customs and traditions of India, painting, dance forms, music, fairs and festivals, handicrafts and souvenirs. Aimed at providing an overview of the tourism resource potential of India, the book exhaustively deals with all the new trends in tourism and accommodation. Travel regulations for visiting India are one of the core areas focussed in the book.

2. Health Tourism and Ayurveda by Robinet Jacob

This book provides a fresh perspective on the emerging trends in health tourism based on Ayurveda. The variety of topics covered includes health management on an Indian and International perspective, basic principles of Ayurveda, impact of ayurvedic tourism on economy, society, environment etc.The book also focusses on various resources and facilities of Ayurvedic tourism. It exclusively deals with panchakarma and its allied procedures. Effort has been put to give a clear picture on Kerala’s strengths in promoting Ayurvedic tourism.

3. New Facets of Tourism Management Edited by Robinet Jacob

The book provides a fresh perspective on the existing and emerging areas of travel and tourism industry by focussing on contemporary problems and prospects. The variety of topics covered include prospects of E-tourism, Assessment of Tourism Practices, Government and community partnerships in Tourism, Sustainable tourism, rural development thorugh tourism.

4. Indian Tourism Products by Robinet Jacob, Sinshu Joseph, Anoop Philip

This book provides a new perspective on tourism resources of India. Effort has been put to give a clear picture of innovative tourism development strategies like eco-tourism resources and sustainable tourism. A detailed discussion on the new concepts in tourism and accommodation sector is another feature.

5. Le Fancais Pour Tous by Cyril Mathew

Les Francais Pour Tous est une me’thode comple’te de francais pour adolescents et adultes de’butants. Le livre s’adresse a’ tous les aspirants de la langue français,en particulier les apprenants indiens.

Le livre donne de l’ importance e’galement a communicative  français et la grammaire.

Le livre assure apprentissage avec un certain nombre d’exemples de conversation,des exercices de traduction et des exercice de grammaire.ll donne egalement des sections suffisantes pour lire et d’apprendre des elements culturels.